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Current Giveaway:




(Sorry friends, shipping is complicated)


1. Like and Comment on my YouTube Mario Mushroom video (The Long-form video that says GIVEAWAY! Link Below):

2. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel (If you haven't already).

3. I will choose a winner ON 6/1/23. I will reach out to you via a reply to your comment on the YouTube video letting you know you are the winner when the giveaway ends. So keep an eye out! Further instruction will follow if you are chosen as the winner!

Winner will be chosen at complete random through a random generator. I'll allow 48 hours for a response before I move on to the next winner! Winner must have a U.S. Address for me to send the Mushroom to! (Again, sorry to my international friends! I love you all and will do a giveaway for you someday!)

This giveaway is solely run by me, Kyra Waits who will be sending out the Mario Mushroom and conducting all other parts included in this giveaway. Although the giveaway is chosen via comments on my youtube video, YouTube itself has nothing to do with the giveaway.

That is all! Giveaway will end 5/31/23 so make sure you get in on it! 

While i wish i could give you all a carving, I will only be able to give this away to one person. But, I do want you to know that I appreciate you all and am so thankful for all of your support and love!

Also, there will DEFINITELY BE MORE GIVEAWAYS! I promise!


-Kyra W., Your Friendly Neighborhood Carver

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