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2.5 foot tall seahorse chainsaw carving (approx. 29" from base to top of head).


This one is a bit more on the rustic side than some of my previous seahorses. I haven't made on this big in a long time and I really enjoyed whittling away at all of this one's texture. I actually made this one in December, but haven't had time to list it or edit the video since! 


Speaking of! There will be a video for this one (It might already be out by the time you see this listing, if it's not, it will be soon!


This one is signed with a dremel tool on the base.


Im usually able to get out pre-made carvings (like this one) within 3-4 business days of purchase.


Thank you so much for looking!


-Kyra W.


2.5’ Seahorse Chainsaw Carving by Kyra Waits

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